Manage Flash Storage efficiently in a multi-tenant cloud environment

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Friday, July 13, 2018
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In a multi-tier virtualized storage environment, there is continuous movement of data from higher tiers (flash) to lower tiers. If this is slow, higher tiers may run out of space due to high workload ingest rates. Especially in multi-tenant cloud environment, high-ingest behaviour of certain workloads may undesirably affect other high priority workloads. In this presentation, we will detail how using storage QoS, total workloads' ingest rate can be made proportional to the residual space on higher tier and the remaining IOPS capacity can be reserved for flush. Even within various workloads the capacity may be distributed based on their space usage in higher tier. We will present results, which will showcase that above will reduce the application ingest rate continuously and at equilibrium it would match the flush rate and space usage would be constant. The workloads with heavy ingest would be throttled faster while bursty workloads would be given fair share.

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