Multi-Actuator - Increasing Parallelism in HDD Technology

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Monday, September 24, 2018
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As HDD capacity continues to increase, IOPs capability has not kept up. Customers are increasingly facing IOPs/TB limitations in their workload which prevents them from taking full advantage of the HDD capacities available to them. For larger capacity HDDs to be successful in the marketplace, they will have to be able to support commensurately higher IOP.

Seagate Technology, through multi-actuator HDD solutions, is solving today’s IOPs problem by offering HDD parallelism – this provides a path for customers to be able to deploy tomorrrow’s high capacity drives with the confidence that they will support the throughput required.

Learning Objectives:
1. IOPs/TB constraints with high capacity drives in today’s market
2. Concepts of multi-actuator technology and the role in high capacity HDDs
3. Adoption considerations for multi-actuator HDDs

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