Networking Technologies: Concepts in Internal and External Networked Storage

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Monday, April 16, 2007
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This tutorial explains the fundamental concepts and protocols of networking for the storage professional. It compares the issues facing networks vs. storage. It identifies the differences between DAS, NAS and SAN and the benefits each bring to storage. It introduces network concepts showing examples of how these concepts apply in storage network technologies. It compares and contrasts the similarities and differences of Open Systems Interconnection (OSI), The Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) and Fibre Channel technologies. It discusses network concepts such as naming vs. addressing, flow control, circuit vs. packet switching, “routering” vs. switching, hardware offload performance factors and others. Finally, we identify the presenter’s ilk as the ultimate “semantic ANALyst”, the role of indiscriminate misuse of terminology in storage networking and the confusion it can bring to the market.