A New Path to Better Data Movement within System Memory, Computational Memory with SDXI

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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Today, computation associated with data in use occurs in system memory. As the system memory envelope expands to includes different tiers and classes of memory helped by memory fabrics, data in use envelope increases.  In many usage models, moving data to where the computation occurs is important. In other usage models, data copies are needed for compute scaling. Data movement is a resource intensive operation used by a variety of software stacks and interfaces. Offloading data movement frees up chargeable compute cycles.

While the ability to use offloads have existed, they have not been easy to integrate into various user and kernel level software stacks. The industry needs a standard offload data movement interface. Additionally, a standard data movement interface that envisions offloading other computations involving system memory is highly desirable.

This talk will connect the audience with SNIA’s SDXI (Smart Data Acceleration Interface) TWG’s efforts in this space. SNIA’s SDXI TWG is standardizing a memory to memory data movement and acceleration interface.

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