Next Generation Datacenters Require Composable Architecture Enablers and Deterministic Programmable Intelligence

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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For the past years flash drives have started to push performance boundaries. Storage OS based on x86 architectures even with more and more cores have a hard time to scale. Very few architectures can sustain the coming multi-million IOPS workloads expected from next generation Flash drives and memories. Only a multi-dimension scalable architecture can propose an alternative. At the heart of it, determinism, parallel programming and easy of programming are requested. In this talk we will explain why it is important, what are the key components and how you could achieve such a performance. We will use Kalray’s Many Core processor and our SDK as an example to offload storage services such as NVMe-oF.

Learning Objectives

learn about deterministic programming,understand how to parrallelized storage services,get a new enabler for composable architectures

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