NVDIMM Cookbook - A Guide for NVDIMM Integration (2015)

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Monday, August 10, 2015
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Non-Volatile DIMMs, or NVDIMMs, have emerged as a go-to technology for boosting performance for next generation storage platforms. The standardization efforts around NVDIMMs have paved the way to simple, plug-n-play adoption. If you're a storage developer who hasn't yet realized the benefits of NVDIMMs in your products, then this tutorial is for you! We will walk you through a soup-to-nuts description of integrating NVDIMMs into your system, from hardware to BIOS to application software. We'll highlight some of the "knobs" to turn to optimize use in your application as well as some of the "gotchas" encountered along the way.

Learning Objectives

Understand what an NVDIMM is
Understand why an NVDIMM can improve your system performance
Understand how to integrate an NVDIMM into your system