NVMe based Video and Storage solutions for Edged based Computational Storage

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Thursday, September 26, 2019
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5G Wireless technology will bring vastly superior data rates to the edge of the network. However, with this increase in bandwidth will come applications that significantly increase overall network throughput. Video applications will likely explode as end users have large amounts of data bandwidth to operate. Video will not only require advanced compression but will require large amounts of data storage. Combining advanced compression technologies with storage will allow a high density of storage and compression in a small amount of rack space with little power, ideal for placement at the edge of the network. NVMe based module provides the opportunity to use computational storage elements to enable edge compute and video compression. This presentation will provide technical details and various options to combine video and storage on an NVMe interface. Further, it will explore how this NVMe device can be virtualized for both storage and video in an edge compute environment.