NVMe over Fabrics in the Enterprise

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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This session will discuss application and use case examples leveraging the NVMe 1.4 and NVMe-oF 1.1 specifications. Get a unique perspective on how NVMe technology and NVMe over Fabrics is evolving to redefine next generation SAN and the key fabric requirements to enable this new frontier in the next generation enterprise data centers. This session will cover: Shift of NVMe drives from inside servers to outside the servers – disaggregated storage Second order effect of this, would be like its 1999 concept of where NVMe over Fabrics is versus Fibre Channel circa 1996-1999 Introduce the idea of a centralized discovery controller, and how the industry is getting together led by HPE on the need for centralized name services and the concept of a ‘fabric’ which is missing in Ethernet right now The opportunity to drive the same technology across on-prem, hybrid and cloud networks in terms of storage networking Lastly, the concept of NVMe over Fabrics connected drives and how the new storage architectures will need to have even a bigger focus and reliance on the storage fabric and the fabric will be ubiquitous and will need to be a single fabric and there will be synergies across both front-end, back-end and inside the storage controllers.

Learning Objectives

Applications and use cases for NVMe over Fabrics in the Enterprise Data Centers,Design and development work on going in NVMe-OF Standards and Technology development,Customer requirements for next generation data center networks,Unique perspective on how Fabrics evolve at scale

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