NVMe-oF Parallel File System Achieving 2X Performance Improvement Over Legacy Filesystems and Accelerating HPC Workloads

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Thursday, September 27, 2018
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Any IT infrastructure that supports high performance computing workflows needs to be able to handle a large number of files, and large amounts of data storage with high throughput access to all the data. Legacy file systems can’t supply high throughput and high file IOPS, as they were designed for HDD and are not suitable for low latency, small file IO and metadata heavy workloads that are common in HPC. This results in I/O starvation to the GPUs and CPUs, a major problem for an HPC system. We’ll introduce a next-gen massively parallel shared file system that is NAND FLASH and NVMe-optimized, which is solving the I/O starvation problem.

Learning Objectives:
1. Case study–how a large autonomous driving car manufacturer maximizes their investment in GPUs by ensuring they are saturated with data
2. How to make I/O compute bound again
3. How next-gen file systems are utilizing flash to turn the compute layer into a high performance storage system—keeping hot data closer to the applications

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