NVMe/TCP is here for all of your hyperscale storage needs

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Friday, March 15, 2019
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In November 2018, NVMe.org has ratified the NVMe/TCP standard in record time. TCP/IP is the most widely used network protocol of them all, well-known and widely- implemented in every data center. NVMe/TCP brings the power of NVMe over Fabrics to TCP/IP networks by mapping NVMe commands and data movement onto TCP. NVMe/TCP provides performance and latency that are comparable with RDMA without requiring any network changes. Nevertheless, by going over a lossy IP network, any NVMe/TCP implementation must deal with certain network issues such as packet loss and retransmissions. If you attend this talk, you can expect to dive in and come out on the other side (of the stream connection) with a pretty good understanding of NVMe/TCP. Furthermore, you will also learn how Lightbits' NVMe/TCP implementation elevates the awesomeness that is NVMe/TCP to a whole new level.

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