Object Storage Analytics : Leveraging Cognitive Computing For Deriving Insights And Relationships

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
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Object storage has become a de facto cloud storage for both private and public cloud deployment. Analytics over data stored on object store for deriving greater insights is an obvious exercise being looked by implementers. In object store where the data resides within objects, the user-defined metadata associated with the objects has the ability to provide quick relevant insights of the data. Hence leveraging user defined object metadata for analytics can help derive early insights. But having relevant user defined metadata with every object data is one of the biggest inhibitors for such analytics. On the other hand, Conginitive Computing has been an up trend where fiction meets reality. Various cognitive services are available which leverage extreme data analysis using machine learning techniques that help in data interpretation and beyond. In this presentation, we discuss on how cognitive services can help enrich object stores for analytics by self tagging objects which can not only be used for data analytics but also for deriving object relationships to helps short-list & categorize the data for analytics. The presentation includes a manifestation using IBM Spectrum Scale Object Store based on OpenStack SWIFT and popular cognitive service in marketplace like IBM Watson.