Open-source CDMI-compliant Proxy: "Stoxy"

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Monday, September 16, 2013
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We present our on-going effort in development of a open-source server (Stoxy - STOrage proXY), which exposes CDMI-compliant interface on the frontend and allows to store and manage data on several public and private cloud backends, incl. AWS and MS Azure. The work is based on a CDMIProxy prototype developed in EU VENUS-C project with a continuos development effort sponsored by EGI Inspire project as well as commercial companies. Presentation will cover the architecture of Stoxy and highlight certain key components, esp. related to the data streaming. In addition, we shall give initial experience from integrating Stoxy with the other products (cloud managers, storage servers) inside the EGI Federated cloud task force.

Learning Objectives

Introduction of the open-source product and its use cases
Experience from implementing the streaming proxy server to public cloud backends
Experience from integration of CDMI with a federated cloud test-bed
Interoperability testing with OpenStack Swift