OpenStack Cinder as an SDS API

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Cinder has long been a key component in OpenStack for providing block storage. It provides support for a broad variety of storage backends ranging from LVM, NFS shares, FC and iSCSI SANs, and more. Yet with all these options, Cinder provides one consistent API abstraction that can be used to manage those varied storage options. But what many don’t realize is – Cinder can be used for much more than OpenStack. Over the last several releases, there has been a focus on making Cinder a viable stand alone storage management interface. Today, Cinder can be used not just in OpenStack, but in container environments such as Kubernetes. It can be used as a scriptable interface for devops tooling and automation. And with clients and SDKs available for Python, Golang, Java, and more, it can provide a simple, programmatic way to build storage management into CI/CD pipelines and other custom workflows. This session demonstrates how to leverage the capabilities of Cinder to meet many of your storage provisioning needs. Learning Objectives: 1. Programmatic storage management 2. Cloud block storage 3. Storage management use cases