Optimized Storage and Network layer for Next Gen Industry workloads

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Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Enterprise Storage Industry is adopting Next Gen Flash based Storage and high speed network for addressing Next Gen Industry Application requirements from Real time Analytics, HPC workloads.
Existing Enterprise systems (distributed Filesystems, Network storage, Replication Solution) primarily requires focus on performance and consistency of data.
While Enterprise Systems themselves are able to handle Ordering, Sequencing and parallelism. This requires that the storage network layer to handle complimentary features, which will provide with the guaranteed delivery, duplicate detection, which will lead towards low latency and high throughput. If not implemented in a holistic manner, it leads to duplication of techniques at storage and network layer.
In this talk we will present a storage network layer solution, which will incorporate the above mentioned techniques, which will eliminate the duplication / optimize work between storage and network layer. Example:
Ordering of request can be done at one layer i.e. Storage Layer, while skip at the network layer.

Resending of data should not happen at the Storage Layer, while should be implemented at the networking layer (Guaranteed Delivery)

We will present comparative results between the proposed solution and the scenario where there are overlap of technique between Storage and Networking layer using next gen storage (Flash, NVMe’s) and network (InfiniBand and Ethernet).

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