Overcoming Challenges & Best Practices for Interoperability Testing of CDMI

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Monday, September 17, 2012
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Over the past years, interoperability has become more and more of a necessity in standardization and Industry demands delivery of products/services which are interoperable. SNIA addresses lack of interoperability issue of Cloud Storage by Cloud Data Management Interface specification. It tags users data with special metadata (data system metadata) that tells the cloud storage provider what data services (backup, archive, encryption etc) to provide that data. It helps in moving users data from cloud vendor to cloud vendor without the pain of recoding of different interfaces. There is a growing trend where organizations are adopting CDMI in their products and hence interoperability becomes extremely important. TCS is working on ` CDMI Automated Test Suite`, which focuses on testing compliance to CDMI specifications. In this proposal we will share our observations/challenges during the development of test suite and challenges while testing products for CDMI compliance. This will benefit that companies to adopt best practices while developing CDMI compliant products.

Learning Objectives

Understanding of Cloud data management Interface
Understanding of How to develop automated test suite for Standards