Ozone, Object store in Apache Hadoop

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Ozone brings in a new storage paradigm in Hadoop called object storage. It will co-exist with HDFS to provide file store and object store functionality in the same Hadoop cluster. Ozone will also solve the scalability and small file problem of HDFS, where users can now store trillions files in Ozone and access them as if they are on HDFS. Ozone plugs into existing Hadoop deployments seamlessly and programs like Hive and Spark work without any modifications. This talk looks at the architecture, reliability, and performance of Ozone. In this talk, we will also explore Hadoop Distributed Storage Layer, a block storage layer that makes this scaling possible, and how we plan to use the Hadoop Distributed Storage Layer for scaling HDFS. We will demonstrate how to install an Ozone cluster, how to create volumes, buckets and keys, how to run Hive and Spark against HDFS and Ozone file systems using federation, so that users don’t have to worry about where the data is actually stored. Ozone SDK will also be covered in this talk. In other words, a full user primer on Ozone will be part of this talk.

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