The Perfect Trifecta. NVMe, CXL and Persistent Memory!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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The Compute eXpress Link (CXL) has the potential to bring coherency (sic) to the world of open, off-chip coherent busses. As such it will become an innovation point for the deployment of Persistent Memory and acceleration. In addition, thanks to its backward compatibility, CXL also has support for devices which include NVMe capabilities for legacy block and key-value storage, memory centric capabilities like CMB and network-centric capabilities like NVMe-oF. In this talk we will introduce the audience to CXL and how it can be used as an innovation platform to extend existing NVMe devices to the new and exciting world of CXL and Persistent Memory. We will discuss the nuts and bolts of CXL, the upgrade path from NVMe to CXL, a variety of use-cases for NVMe/CXL devices and software issues like drivers, OS support and management.

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