Plotting Your Data Exit Before Entering the Private Cloud

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Monday, June 13, 2016
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According to the Ponemon Institute, 30 percent of business information is stored in the cloud. Like any relationship, both sides are wide-eyed about the limitless possibilities, attentive and full of promise. What promises, you might ask? Higher IT control, centralized management and delivery efficiencies are just a few.

But not all relationships last forever. Maybe a cloud storage provider isn’t meeting up to its pre-defined expectations, or they’ve decided to change the terms and conditions of their agreement. Perhaps they’ve had repeated outages. Or it might be as simple as coming to the end of the service agreement or contract. Whatever the reason might be, one of the biggest mistakes a company can make is not plotting out every single step of their exit plan well before entering the cloud. This could triple the likelihood of losing customer trust, loyalty and long-term business. And when you factor in the hefty legal fines and repercussions, it’s the kind of damage that’s nearly impossible to bounce back from.

In this session, leading IT, cloud infrastructure and tech experts from Blancco Technology Group and other firms will outline the step-by-step process of developing a written exit plan for data stored in the cloud and how to plot their data exit plan against key regulatory criteria so that they can best minimize the likelihood of data being accessed or stolen by cyber thieves.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to create an exit plan for storing data in the private cloud.
Learn how to plot data exit plan against regulatory standards.
Learn value/benefits of removing data safely.