Practical Secure Storage: A Vendor Agnostic Overview (Spring 2014)

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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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This presentation will explore the fundamental concepts of implementing secure enterprise storage using current technologies. This tutorial will focus on the implementation of a practical secure storage system, independent of any specific vendor implementation or methodology. The high level requirements that drive the implementation of secure storage for the enterprise, including legal issues, key management, current technologies available to the end user, and fiscal considerations will be explored in detail. In addition, actual implementation examples will be provided that illustrate how these requirements are applied to actual systems implementations.

This presentation has been significantly updated to include current and emerging technologies, and to include changes in international standards (e.g., ISO/IEC) for secure storage.

Learning Objectives

Undertsand the drivers for secure storage
Undersatnd the key technical concepts of secure storage
Explore cost effective methods for securing storage in various of environments