A Promise Kept: Understanding the Monetary and Technical Benefits of STaas Implementation

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Monday, April 6, 2009
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In today's world it's necessary for organizations to efficiently utilize resources and expertise to ensure secure, efficient storage and protection of data, as well as make that data actionable. Freeing IT staff from these complicated tasks allows them to focus on core competencies that drive their business forward, enable innovation, create competitive advantage and grow existing revenue streams. This interactive tutorial examines several drivers behind the growth of storage-as-a-service and the wealth of benefits it promises to businesses: the need of medium to large enterprises for remote storage as part of a disaster recovery plan; pressures regarding regulatory compliance and litigation risk as businesses view an online service as a faster way to meet requirements; and greater acceptance of software-as-a-service, with storage as a corollary service.

Learning Objective

Strategies that look forward and help small and medium businesses determine their needs for future access to their data.
Understanding that providing long term on-site data retention with reliable access to all data at any time is complicated and expensive to implement compared to the promise that comes with implementing a professionally managed SaaS model.
Analyzing how SaaS provides efficiencies of scale and coordinated management.