QEMU NVMe Emulation: What's New

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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The QEMU emulated NVMe device is used by developers and users alike to develop, test and verify device drivers and tools. The emulated device is in rapid development and with QEMU 6.0, the device was updated to support a number of core additional features such as an update to NVMe v1.4, universal Deallocated and Unwritten Logical Block Error support, enhanced PMR and CMB support as well as a number of experimental features such as Zoned Namespaces, multipath I/O, namespace sharing and DIF/DIX end-to-end data protection. The addition of these features allow users to test various configurations and developers to test device driver code paths that would normally not be easily exercised on generally available hardware. In this talk we present the implementation of these features and how they may be used to improve tooling and device drivers.

  • Become aware of the available features of QEMU NVMe emulation
  • Understand how to configure QEMU for these features
  • Explore the implementation of said features
  • Understand how to utilize the emulated device to test tooling and device drivers

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