Quantum Computing

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Quantum computing is arriving. With quantum computers we can tackle problems in entirely new ways. AI/ML, simulations, optimization and modelling physical processes are areas where quantum computing may show earliest impact. In this session we'll cover what is quantum computing, why it is so different from classical computing, why it is important, applications, early usage, resources available to developers, and how developers can get started with access to real quantum systems, for free, by the end of the day. We'll also look at the potential impact of quantum computing on today's encryption approaches, implications for long-term storage, and work already underway to safeguard long term data retention and future data storage in a post quantum world.

Learning Objectives

What is quantum computing and why it is different from classical computing,What's the state of the technology,Who is using quantum computing today and for what,Expected early application and workloads that will benefit first from quantum computing,How developers can access real quantum computers and software developer kits within minutes, for free

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