Quantum Safe Cryptography for Long Term Security

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Quantum computers with the capability to threaten the cryptography used today may seem a long way off, but they already pose a threat to both data and systems that we are protecting today. This talk will introduce the quantum threat and discuss why this is already a topic for today and not sometime in the future when large quantum systems will emerge, with particular considerations for long-term secure storage. This will be followed by an overview of the race to standardize new cryptographic algorithms that are secure even against large quantum computers of the future. The new quantum safe algorithms will bring a lot of diversity to the cryptographic landscape. It is expected that multiple schemes will be standardized, based on different mathematical problems such as lattices, isogenies of elliptic curves or error-correcting codes. Different performance and bandwidth characteristics will further increase the complexity of cryptographic management and will pose a demand for cryptographic agility. We will further give an overview of ongoing projects in quantum safety in areas such as in storage and will also show how developers can already today prototype quantum safe applications using open-source projects like Open Quantum Safe.

  • Learn about the threat quantum computers pose to cryptography.
  • Learn about emerging quantum safe cryptographic algorithms and their applications, especially for long term data security.
  • Learn about the resources available today to prototype quantum safe applications.

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