Quantum Technology and Storage: Where Do They Meet?

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Although quantum technology can be leveraged to do many amazing things, it is not able to provide a general replacement for the storage capabilities we have today with HDDs and SSDs. However, there are a few things where quantum can be leveraged to provide some capabilities that are related to storage and this presentation will cover them. The presentation will start with a quick overview of some of the basic concepts of quantum technology and the reasons why quantum computing may potentially provide significant performance improvements over classical computing for certain applications. It will discuss how quantum computing does implement something similar to computational storage and follow that by explaining how quantum memories can be utilized in certain applications. It will wrap up by explaining how quantum computers work very closely with classical computers to form hybrid classical/quantum processing systems and mention that traditional SSD and HDD storage devices will still be needed on the classical side to support these types of systems.

  • To provide the audience with a basic explanation of quantum computing and why it can provide an advantage for certain use cases.
  • To clarify that quantum technology cannot be used as a general replacement for HDDs and SSDs.
  • To describe the similarities between classical computational storage and how quantum algorithms are processed.
  • To explain what a Quantum Memory is and how it might be used.
  • To show how many use cases of quantum technology involve a hybrid mode where classical and quantum computing work together.