Rainy Days & Boot Storms Always Get Me Down (Evaluating Clouds: What You Need to Know)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012
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Migrating to a private Cloud infrastructure doesn’t have to get you down. Despite the complex interdependence between virtual machines, network blades, switches and storage systems, there is a way to manage risk. The answer is testing. Cloud testing provides insight into your configurations (beyond the standard benchmarks) as well as “sunny day” versus “rainy day” usage patterns. Testing helps ensure scalability, reliability, and how robust the new Cloud infrastructure really is by detecting bottle necks and reactions to a boot storm. Attend this session to learn the top 5 things when migrating to a cloud: 1. How will it work and scale? 2. How will it react to a boot storm? 3. What is the failover behavior under load? 4. How will the VM behavior and load affect the performance and availability of the storage services? 5. What is the relative scalability of the storage component regarding the compute component?

Learning Objectives

Questions to ask and lessons to learn when migrating to a private cloud