Remote Access to Ultra-low-latency Storage

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
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A new class of ultra-low latency storage is emerging, including Persistent Memory (PM), as well as advanced nonvolatile storage technologies such as NVMe. The SNIA NVM TWG has been exploring these technologies and has more recently prepared a white paper for requirements of remotely utilizing such devices. Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), arbitrated by file and block storage protocols, is a clear choice for this access, but existing RDMA and storage protocol implementations incur latency overheads which impact the performance of the solution. And while raw fabric block protocols can address latency overheads, they do not address data integrity, management and sharing.

This talk explores the issues, and outlines a path-finding effort to make small, natural extensions to RDMA and upper layer storage protocols to reduce these latencies to acceptable, minimal levels, while preserving the many advantages of the storage protocols they extend.

Learning Objectives

Learn key technologies enabling remote access to new storage media, such as NVM and PM
Understand the issues in making full use of PM technologies remotely, with today’s protocols
Explore a path to fully access the benefits of remote access to PM devices in the future