Remote Persistent Memory - With Nothing But Net

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Thursday, September 14, 2017
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RDMA-enabled storage protocols (including SMB3, NFSv4, NVMe over Fabrics, etc), and RDMA protocols (RoCE, iWARP, Infiniband, etc) are being extended to enable remote access to Persistent Memory. Data access at ultra-low remote latency, with high fidelity to local semantics, are goals which are well within reach. Beyond the data itself, can other aspects of storage, such as security and data integrity, be addressed with similar network-based solutions, without upper-layer or CPU interaction? What additional types of protocol extensions might be envisioned to provide similar latency and offload benefits from storage and network adapters, for these other important storage attributes? This talk will explore the landscape of existing protocol-based access to Persistent Memory, and prioritize additional requirements which merit consideration. It will present a set of architectural tools, with practical protocol implementation approaches, to extend the benefits of RDMA to a broader range of storage solutions based on emerging memory storage technologies.