The Role of Active Archive in Long-Term Data Preservation

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Monday, September 19, 2016
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Anyone managing a mass storage infrastructure for HPC, Big Data, Cloud, research, etc., is painfully aware that the growth, access requirements and retention needs for data are relentless. At the heart of that problem is the need to rationalize the way that data is managed, and create online access to all that data without maintaining it in a continuous, power-consuming state. The solution lies in creating an active archive that enables straight-from-the-desktop access to data stored at any tier for rapid data access via existing file systems that expand over flash, disk and tape library storage technologies. Active archives provide organizations with a persistent view of the data and make it easier to access files whenever needed, regardless of the storage medium being utilized. Learning Objectives Understand how active archive technologies work and how companies are using them to enable reliable, online and efficient access to archived data. Learn the implications of data longevity and planning considerations for long-term retention and data integrity assurance. Learn why active archive solutions can achieve unmatched efficiency and cost savings as data continues to grow much faster than storage budgets.