Samba Status Report

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Monday, September 19, 2011
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Samba is a rapidly evolving project that is part of the basis for many NAS vendors. This talk will give an overview of the current development of Samba.

Learning Objectives

Clustering: The current status of the active-active clustered CIFS server with Samba and ctdb will be presented.
SMB2: With Samba 3.6 SMB2 is a fully supported protocol in Samba
Printer support: The printer subsystem has been overhauled. Reasons for this overhaul and implications will be presented
Samba/AD: Samba 4 strives to become an AD compatible Domain Controller, while Samba 3 is a solid file and print server. Different ways to merge those two to go forward with Samba 4.0 will be presented.