Samba's RPC services for non-GPL SMB servers

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Monday, September 23, 2019
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Implementing [MS-SMB2] is a first step towards Windows
interoperability. The simple task of listing shares is a nontrivial
challenge, because Windows uses the srvsvc RPC service for this. Samba provides a seamless Windows user experience, it implements both SMB and RPC. It does so in a way that can be easily split apart in a GPL-compatible manner without putting GPL requirements on the SMB implementation. This talk will present a project where a non-GPL SMB implementor uses Samba's RPC implementation to provide a share listing and other RPC-based services, providing a much shorter time to market than by implementing the RPC stack independently. The talk will also cover ways forward how Samba could implement a full RPC stack usable for simple integration of other RPC-based services.

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