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Monday, April 16, 2007
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Pre-requisite for this session: 1. 'SAS SATA Combine to Change Storage Market presentation by Martin Czekalski and Harry Mason available at:

This session explores the various aspects of SAS Architecture and SAS Transport Protocols. It starts with background of parallel SCSI and explain how SAS evolved with time. It elaborates the SAS point-to-point Architecture along with SAS Discovery Process. It also discusses SAS frame exchange sequence between Initiator and Target. 1. SAS Evolution 2. SAS Architecture, SAS Devices (End Device, Expander), SAS Addressing (Narrow Port, Wide Port), SAS Domain & Expander Topologies - Connections 3. Transport Protocols - Serial Management Protocol (SMP) - SMP Request Frames - SMP Response Frames, SAS Discovery Process, Serial SCSI Protocol (SSP), SSP Frames, Information Units (IU), Serial ATA Tunneled Protocol (STP), FIS Note: 1. The scope of this presentation is limited to SAS Transport Protocols. 2. The discussion on SAS Physical Layer and SAS Link Layer are beyond the scope of this presentation. 3. The presentation is based on SAS-2 (Working Draft American National Standard) - Project T10/1760D. 4. This presentation will have about 30 slides. The duration of this presentation will be 45-60 minutes.

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Technical Architects
Technical Specialists
Storage Protocol Stack Developers