SNIA SDXI Roundtable: Towards Standardizing a Memory to Memory Data Movement and Acceleration Interface

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Smart Data Accelerator Interface (SDXI) is a proposed standard for a memory to memory data movement and acceleration interface. Software memcpy is the current data movement standard for software implementation due to stable CPU ISA. However, this takes away from application performance and incurs software overhead to provide context isolation. Offload DMA engines and their interface are vendor-specific and not standardized for user-level software. SNIA’s SDXI TWG is tasked with developing and standardizing an extensible, forward-compatible memory to memory data mover and acceleration interface that is independent of actual data mover implementations and underlying I/O interconnect technology. In this panel discussion, experts and representatives of SDXI TWG member companies will talk about their motivations in joining this industry-standard effort.

  • Learn from the experts desigining a standard for memory to memory data movement and acceleration
  • Learn about the use cases of interest to SDXI TWG member companies
  • Learn about the ecosystem being developed by SDXI member companies for data movers and accelerators

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