Securing the Cloud - Using Encryption and Key Management to Solve Today's Cloud Security Challenges

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Monday, April 4, 2011
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Moving to "The Cloud" is viewed as a path that most companies believe they will head down over the next several years. However, concern around security is the number one barrier to cloud adoption. Encryption and Key Management are important technologies that can help secure applications and data in the cloud. Companies considering moving to a cloud based infrastructure need to understand various aspects of encryption and key management - regulations guiding their use, the impact of key expiration and rotation on application performance and backup / restore / archiving, hardware versus software key management and retaining control of keys when applications and data are with a Cloud Service Provider. We will discuss industry best practices around encryption and key management, look at how various existing solutions fare on these considerations, and look at emerging solutions in this space

Learning Objectives

Understand new security vulnerabilities exposed by virtualization and virtual machine mobility together with how a combination of encryption and key management techniques can address these vulnerabilities.
Review existing solutions in this space and understand how well these meet the requirements.
Look at emerging standards and solutions that will better enable security in the Cloud.