Selecting Workloads for Hyperconverged vs Hyperscale Software-Defined Storage

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Monday, June 13, 2016
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Debate is rising in the industry over the best method for deploying infrastructure in private and public cloud datacenters. The predictable performance, packaging, and capacity increments of hyperconverged systems have made it the latest model to gain traction. Hyperscale is also gaining momentum as a preferred architecture due to its independent scaling capabilities. Now, businesses are asking, which is the best deployment for software-defined storage? The answer: it depends. Attendees will learn which deployment is suitable for their workload types – ranging from general purpose server virtualization and VDI to big data and non-virtualized applications. Attendees from companies looking to modernize their IT infrastructure with a goal of being more agile and “cloud-like” will gain insight into whether hyperscale, hyperconverged, or a mixture of both systems provides the right solution to support their storage needs. Learning Objectives How to distinguish hyperconverged from hyperscale and the advantages of each How software-defined storage is deployed in each architecture How organizations get started with software-defined storage