Self-Encrypting Drives (Spring 2009)

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Monday, April 6, 2009
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Self-encrypting storage (e.g. hard drives) integrates the AES encryption hardware and strong access control directly into the drive electronics and thus avoids many of the vulnerabilities of software-based solutions, providing protection against computer loss or theft and facilitating computer re-purposing and end-of-life. By deleting the cryptographic key under strong administrative access control, the drive can be instantly
"sanitized." Advantages include:

Learning Objectives

Automatic, always-on, hardware-based encryption
Transparent to end user, operating system, applications and databases
No performance degradation
Simplifies key management: encryption key does not leave the drive
Enables instant secure disposal and re-purposing
Standards-based interoperability (Trusted Computing Group specifications for self-encryption and key management)
Applicable from the laptop to the data center