Self-Encrypting Hard and SSD Drive Revolution: Managing the Data at Rest Solution

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Thursday, September 23, 2010
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There is a new breed of self-encrypting lap top hard drives designed to the Trusted Computing Group Opal standard. US law now provides for safe harbor against Data Breach Notification Laws. This is causing rapid adoption of corporate lap top encryption technology. The law stipulates NIST 800-111 which says “Organizations should use centralized management for all deployments of storage encryption”. Management of self-encrypting storage devices on corporate lap tops should be factored away from SAN management because the requirements are radically different.

Learning Objectives

What does it mean to centrally manage self-encrypting lap top drives?
Why does NIST 800-111 require this?
What is the difference in managing these from encrypting enterprise storage management.
How can developers integrate lap top self-encrypting management into systems management?
Familiarity with the new laws and regulations.