Self-Encrypting Storage for Consumers

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016
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The emerging industry standard for stored-data encryption is Self-Encrypting Drive (SED), defined in Trusted Computing Group (TCG) specifications and now provided by all the drive manufacturers. SEDs are now 100% deployed in data center storage and all client drives are SED-enabled. But, adoption of SEDs in the consumer space is not yet 100%.

The Drive Trust Alliance (DTA) was formed as a member-driven alliance to promote adoption of SEDs in the consumer space. TCG is a member of DTA, as well as SED makers, SED management vendors, and I.T. organizations. Collectively, we are tackling the obstacles to SED adoption.

The inventor of the SED concept (Dr. Thibadeau), will introduce SEDs, summarize the mature history of SEDs, and highlight some of the DTA initiatives targeted at increasing SED adoption, such as open-source code for management of SEDs, pragmatic education, and particular focus on emerging markets for SEDs, such as IoT (Internet of Things) and the automobile of the future.

For example, the multiple storage systems on futuristic cars will contain information about the car owner, driver(s), and passengers. Such personal information will need strong privacy/security protections and robust erasure when the car is sold or retired. Your car is just one example of embedded consumer-based storage that demands SED-strength protection.

Learning Objectives

Appreciate the advantages of self-encryption
Learn the mission and objectives of the Drive Trust Alliance
Introduction to the stored-data privacy/security challenges involved in consumer storage
Highlight the need for self-encryption in IoT, automotive, and other consumer systems
Observe specific consumer scenarios