Server, storage and networking device simulation at scale with containers

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Friday, December 4, 2020
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At any Enterprise hardware company, one of our topmost goal is to deliver products on time with highest quality. Our challenge is to develop and test as thoroughly and efficiently as we can, given our time and resource constraints. Hardware availability happens to be scarce which results in design, development and tests getting pushed right. Products are developed and tested under non-scaled environments for just a few finite states, again impacting quality. Reduced quality would inherently further increase the costs and efforts.

Hemant would talk about how the device simulation solution would help create real world lab environment with thousands of server, storage, networking hardware devices at the fraction of cost for physical devices which would help the organization to:

  • Cut through the massive costs/efforts
  • Reduce vendor/hardware dependency
  • Enable rapid prototyping
  • Drastically simplify design & validation of complex sensor states/error conditions
  • Seamlessly design & develop products, execute automation & non-functional tests at will without worrying about the hardware availability

Learn how you could simulate a hardware device and create thousands of clones for the same in just a few minutes with 99% reduction in expenditure.
This device simulation solution is already helping DellEMC make better, faster products and with its capabilities it’s surely getting DellEMC the "Power to do more".
Key takeaways for audience

  • Early to Market with quick & reliable Dev-Test using simulation
  • Marketing, Sales and Engineering teams can understand how the device simulation solution can be leveraged for Customer demos, Automation & Orchestration using its APIs for a Zero touch experience
  • Architects, developers and testers can learn how the device simulation solution would not just help you focus on the design, development and validation of the products, but also assist in improving each of these with reduced costs and efforts
  • Developers and testers can verify every hardware state with single click customization
  • Hardware platforms could be customized or extrapolated based on available hardware with limited capability

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