Service Level Objectives for Storage Solutions with Different Application

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
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Service Level Objectives (SLOs) focused approach to create solutions that would satisfy the needs of the customers based on the target workloads. SLOs will be used in the selection of components to use, features to develop, parameters to tune and the overall QA strategy. Solutions will cover performance in the optimal, transitional and degraded states that are critical to the end customer. In a storage array system there are 1031 possible parameters to tune an array system to best fit an application profile, Such difficult task is typically resolved by guidelines from the Storage RAID vendor. Such Guidelines quite often are hard to follow for the following reasons: 1) The recommendations do not fit the application profile being used by the customer 2) Guidelines typically require a RAID expert to select the best tuning parameters to fit the application profile due to the complexity of the RAID system and the sophisticated application that exists today. 3) Guidelines can not cover every possible application that exists in the SAN market today. The method of the this paper resolves the above common issues with configuring an array system by analyzing the parameters and the requirements of a customer to determine the best configurations for the applications running on the RAID system in question.

Learning Objectives

What are the challenges involved in configuring an array system to meet customers' applic
What are the parameters involved in array system configurations? (SLO Criteria)
What are the tasks investigated by the method of this paper to meet SLO?
What are the basic steps for this configuration method to customize a RAID system to an application profile?
How do you verify that the array system is configured to meet a customer requirements?