Should I Build My All-Flash Array with SAS, SATA or NVMe?

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Monday, September 24, 2018
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SAS, SATA, and NVMe SSDs are all now widely available in ever-larger sizes at competitive prices. Which makes the most sense in your all-flash array? Running high-performance applications such as databases or analytics requires tremendous bandwidth and lots of IOPS. Which interface does the best job? How about such issues as driver and OS support, compatibility with hard drives, upgrade paths, scalability, networking, and maintenance? This presentation will describe the best solutions and help you gain an understanding of which data storage protocol is right for your implementation.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the challenges of your all flash-array design relative to the storage interface and how to overcome them
2. Learn the key benefits of SAS, SATA and NVMe
3. Gain insight into what the savings in protocol overhead actually mean

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