Simplifying Client Interactions with SMI-S using PyWBEM

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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For client applications interacting with SMI-S implementations, PyWBEM is a python package that provides access to WBEM Servers. It also provides a mechanism for mocking WBEM Servers. In this presentation, Mike Walker will provide an overview of PyWBEM, with an emphasis on how to learn to interact with SMI-S, through open-source mockup SMI-S 1.8.0 WBEM servers available on Github. He will highlight multiple use cases for the mockup servers, including: - Exploring new features in SMI-S 1.8.0 - Developing IT applications on your local system - Developing client software on your local system

  • Provide an overview of pywbem
  • Discuss how to use pywbem to interact with SMI-S
  • Explore new features in SMI-S 1.8.0

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