SmartNICs and SmartSSDs, the Future of Smart Acceleration

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Since the advent of the Smart Phone over a decade ago, we've seen several new "Smart" technologies, but few have had a significant impact on the data center until now. SmartNICs and SmartSSDs will change the landscape of the data center, but what comes next? This talk will summarize the state of the SmartNIC market by classifying and discussing the technologies behind the leading products in the space. Then it will dive into the emerging technology of SmartSSDs and how they will change the face of storage and solutions. Finally, we'll dive headfirst into the impact of PCIe 5 and Compute Express Link (CXL) on the future of Smart Acceleration on solution delivery.

Learning Objectives

Understand the current state of the SmartNIC market & leading products.,Introduce the concept of SmartSSDs and two products available today.,Discuss the future of Device to Device (D2D) communications using PCIe, CXL/CCIX.,Lay out a vision for where composable solutions leveraging multiple devices on a PCIe buss communicating directly.