SMB3 over QUIC: Deep Dive and Document Updates

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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This talk will give an overview of what’s been added to the SMB3 protocol documentation for the latest release as well as a deep dive into the using SMB3 over the QUIC transport. The SMB3 protocol is broadly deployed in enterprise networks and contains strong protection to enable its use more broadly. However, historically port 445 is blocked and management of servers on TCP have been slow to emerge. SMB3 now is able to communicate over QUIC, a new internet standard transport which is being broadly adopted for web and other application access. In this talk, we will provided updated details on the SMB3 over QUIC protocol and explore the necessary ecosystem such as certificate provisioning, firewall and traffic management and enhancements to SMB server and client configuration. 

Learning Objectives: You will learn the details about SMB3 on QUIC; how it works, the architecture and performance comparison with SMB on TCP. Documentation updates related to SMB3 on QUIC will also be presented.


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