SMB3 POSIX Extensions Phase 2 ... Now that they are in, What is Next?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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With another year of work on improving the SMB3.1.1 Protocol Extensions for Linux/POSIX and its implementation in servers and the Linux client ... where do we go from here? For optimal interoperability between Linux clients and NAS appliances, Servers and the Cloud, what features should be added? Examining workload requirements, new Linux syscalls and Linux functional test compliance (subtests within the standard "xfstest" suite that fail or are skipped due to missing features) has not only shown areas where the Linux VFS could be improved (e.g. in how it temporary files are created and how swapfiles are locked) but also areas where the SMB3.1.1 protocol and its POSIX extensions can be extended. This is an exciting time, with SMB3.1.1 use in Linux increasing to access an ever wider world of storage targets securely and efficiently. This presentation will help explore how to make it even better.

Learning Objectives

What is the current status of the POSIX Extensions to the SMB protocol suite,What features are missing and what workloads would this benefit,What is the status of the extensions in the Linux client and Linux kernel server,How can a user try them out,What extensions are being explored for phase 2 of the extensions

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