SMB3 POSIX Protocol Extensions: Summary and Current Implementation Status

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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The SMB3 POSIX Extensions, a set of protocol extensions to allow for optimal Linux and Unix interoperability with NAS and Cloud file servers, have evolved over the past year, with test implementations in Samba and in the Linux kernel. These extensions address various compatibility problems for Linux and Unix clients (such as case sensitivity, locking, delete semantics and mode bits among others). This presentation will review the state of the protocol extensions, what was learned in the implementations in Samba and also in the Linux kernel (including from running exhaustive Linux file system functional tests to try to better match local file system behavior over SMB3 mounts) and provide an opportunity for feedback and suggestions for future improvements to the POSIX extensions.

Learning Objectives:
1. What problems do the SMB3 POSIX Extensions solve?
2. What is required to implement the POSIX Extensions?
3. How to use the POSIX extensions with Linux clients to achieve better application compatibility?
4. What are the alternative emulation mechanisms and how to enable them from Linux for mounts to servers which don’t support the POSIX Extensions?
5. What is still be done? What do standard functional tests like xfstests show are still gaps between full function local file systems and SMB3 mounts on Linux?

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