SMB3.1.1 and Beyond in the Linux Kernel: Providing Optimal File Access to Windows, Mac, Samba and Other File Servers

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Monday, September 19, 2016
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With many SMB3 servers in the industry, some with optional extensions, getting optimal configuration, and POSIX compliance can be confusing. The Linux kernel client continues to improve with new performance and security features, and implementation of SMB3.1.1. This presentation will discuss recent enhancements to the Linux kernel client, as well as extensions to provide improved Apple (AAPL) interoperability and new POSIX extensions for Linux/Samba (see Jeremy Allison's presentation) and improved POSIX emulation to other servers. New copy offload features will be demonstrated, as well as the current state of POSIX compatibility to different server types. Finally, a discussion of new protocol features under development in the Linux kernel client will be discussed. Learning Objectives How POSIX compliant is access from Linux to SMB3 servers? How can I best configure access depending on server type: Windows or Mac or Samba or other NAS? What is the status of the Linux kernel client? What new features are available? How can I get optimal performance out of the Linux kernel client What are the advantages to using SMB3 for Linux?