The State of Cloud Security

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Thursday, July 20, 2017
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"Standards organizations like SNIA are in the vanguard of describing cloud concepts and usage, and (as you might expect) are leading on how and where security fits in this new world of dispersed and publicly stored and managed data. In this webcast, SNIA experts Eric Hibbard and Mark Carlson will take us through a discussion of existing cloud and emerging technologies (such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics & Big Data, and so on) – and explain how we’re describing and solving the significant security concerns these technologies are creating. They will discuss emerging ISO/IEC standards, SLA frameworks and security and privacy certifications. This webcast will be of interest to managers and acquirers of cloud storage (whether internal or external), and developers of private and public cloud solutions who want to know more about security and privacy in the cloud.

Topics covered will include:

Summary of the standards developing organization (SDO) activities:

  • Work on cloud concepts, CDMI, an SLA framework, and cloud security & privacy

Securing the Cloud Supply Chain:

  • Outsourcing and cloud security; Cloud Certifications (FedRAMP, CSA STAR)

Emerging & Related Technologies:

  • Virtualization/Containers, Federation, Big Data/Analytics in the Cloud, IoT and the Cloud"

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