A step closer to realising the true vision of storage infrastructure as code

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Friday, July 13, 2018
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The advent of cloud computing has put an enormous amount of stress on the IT organizations of large enterprises. The consumer of IT in the enterprises are demanding same kind of ability and flexibility they get from a cloud service provider like AWS as Azure. The application teams are also moving to a DevOps model of software development and deployment as it gives them the required agility in making software release and stay competitive in the industry. In order to meet these requirements, the IT departments want to offer similar capabilities for on-premise in the form of a private cloud. The biggest laggard in this whole transformation is storage, which continues to be operated using traditional methods. We want to bridge this gap and accelerate this transformation of the on-premise infrastructure by offering API experience for storage that is as good as any public web service. In this talk we will demonstrate how one can consume storage infrastructure as code.

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