Storage Applications in Blockchain

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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The applications using NVMe, SAS, SATA, USB based storage devices find a new use and one of them is mining for open source cryptocurrency such as Burst Coin. Using low power or solar power HDD’s, SSD and most importantly NVMe technology can improve turnaround latency and build blocks on a faster scale. Utilization of security protocols allows anonymization as well as protection of the users and vendors. Burst coin has an extensive developer’s community and can run on the cloud, has dApps, its own ATM and more. More importantly, Burst is based on Proof of Capacity protocol and utilizes storage drives, arrays and enables users to build the mesh net of miners and secure blockchain protocol. Using NVMe devices we can accelerate transactions. We will show how using performance analytics tools we can create predictions on building blockchain blocks and provide insights into date usage efficiency. Additional value benefits are saving energy costs, address new markets and create adoption in the larger markets. The usage of storage devices and blockchain will enable HW secure banking transactions (via smart contracts) and much more.