Storage Industry Forging Academic Alliances

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
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The three most common challenges facing the IT Managers and CTOs today are: 1) Ingesting gigabytes of data that are generated globally every second, 2) Managing and accessing data in the most efficient manner 24/7, and 3) Extracting values from all these data. Hence, managing, analyzing and sustaining the astronomical amount of corporate data in the most secure ways via new technologies, such as data center storage and virtualization.

Today, the majority of Computer Science and Information Engineering programs are lacking Storage and Virtualization studies; subsequently, the graduating bodies will miss out on so many job opportunities. Today, many storage companies have to provide extensive training for their new hires on data storage and virtualization, which are the building blocks of rapidly growing Cloud Computing and Services and Big Data technologies.

Today, few companies have successfully forged academic alliances with colleges to fill the gap for much needed data storage and virtualization savvy new-hire engineers and IT staff.